With 100 percent scholarship opportunities, application for BSc in Environmental Management course opened
04 October 2010

Maldives College of Higher Education opened application for BSc Degree in Environmental Management with 100 percent scholarship opportunities for all students enrolled to the course. This course is run at the FE in collaboration with the Maldives Environmental Management Project, Ministry of Housing and Environment.

In February 2010, MCHE will commence first year of BSc in Environmental Management Course and foundation studies for students with O/Levels to facilitate direct entry into the degree program in the following year. Students with Advance level will have opportunity to get direct entry into the degree program.

To be admitted to the foundation year of study, candidates must have at least 3 passes at London GCE O’ level including Chemistry and Biology or Fisheries Science or qualifications deemed to be equivalent to the above by the Admissions Committee (MCHE).

BSc Degree in Environmental Management is intended to prepare students for employment in the public and private sector in areas such as Environmental Research, Resource Planning, Environment Policy, Environmental Management, Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Environmental Protection, Conservation, Environmental Approvals, Environmental Impact Assessments, and various roles in the Tourism sector.

Holders of the Diploma and Bachelor degree in Environmental Management will be qualified to enter a range of professions including, Environmental Officers or Managers, Conservation Officers or Managers, Environmental Education, Sustainable Community Development  and Marine and Coastal Management.